The Curious One | A book by Chelsea Berler | From Food Stamps to CEO

The Curious One

From Food Stamps to CEO: One Woman’s Journey Through Struggle, Tragedy, Success & Love

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Chelsea Berler was born curious. From a young age—she felt a pull to think differently. And while she thought her differentness made life more interesting, she always felt judged for her often quirky and curious ways. Still, it was her strength and belief in herself that allowed her to come through the struggle and heartbreak of her childhood and eventually make a dent in the world she tried for so long to understand.

Today, Chelsea is the CEO of a boutique, marketing agency that supports businesses around the world. But more than that, she is a champion for people who are driven to bring their talent and greatness into the world on their own terms.

The Curious One is the story of how Chelsea left behind the heartache of her past and found peace in her present. It’s about the triumph that comes from living your life on purpose, not only when it’s easy, but when it feels like your life is crumbling to pieces at your feet. With each turn of the page you’ll discover the resiliency of boundless love, the power of commitment, the magic of acting curious, and what it takes to live with arms wide open.


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Praise for The Curious One

“A powerful story of loss, love and redemption that will stir the souls of it’s readers and remind you you’re not alone.”
—Gabrielle Bernstein,

“A book of wisdom, compassion, and piercing honesty.”
—Tamara Gold,

“Chelsea is sharp, strategic and dedicated. Read this if you’re curious what a new definition of business success could look like.”
—Laura Roeder,

“Chelsea has a no ego, no fear attitude that is essential to entrepreneurism. There are few people that truly understand marketing, and even fewer that have the drive to turn that passion into success. Chelsea exhibits both, and freely offers her wisdom to anyone willing to listen. It’s this ironclad resolve, mixed with pure spunk that has me convinced she’ll be successful in whatever endeavor she sets her mind to.”
—Brian Jambor,

“Chelsea’s life journey has taken her into places that would be daunting for most of us. Her tenacity and creativity allowed her to turn her extraordinary challenges into a masterful business. She is a guiding force for women everywhere—especially those who need a map. Go where Chelsea leads.”
—Indrani Goradia,

“Chelsea is a force of nature.”
—Dave Dee,

“This story touched my heart, inspired me, and made me want to savor every single moment of life. I couldn’t be more happy that Chelsea has decided to share her story that until now very few knew. Buckle up and enjoy the journey.”
—Shawn Shepheard,

“Her energy, commitment and drive is quite astounding and it’s unsurprising she has a big story to tell. A wise woman before her time.”
—Kay White,


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